Montres Publiques Auction

How It Works

How It Works


Please register or sign-in to view our $1 Watch Auctions. Once registered you may place a bid. Pay after winning the auction, once the payment is confirmed, the watch will be sent directly to you by Montres Publiques Auction.


Watches are either sold by a third-party through Montres Publiques Auction or sourced and sold directly by Montres Publiques Auction (indicated in the description). Anti-snipping settings extend the duration of the auction by one minute if a bid is made in the final minute of the auction. All prices are in USD and payment is via PayPal (credit card etc.).


If you're interested in auctioning your watch on Montres Publiques Auction please contact us here and include a brief description of your timepiece(s) along with pictures. We will get back to you ASAP.


Auction terms are further described in Terms of Use.